Medical Cannabis
Supported by science and patients' testimonials, therapeutical cannabis brands must deal with laws, people's trust, and doctors' need of qualified informations. Here are the pharma startups who trusted us since the beginning.

Industrial and nutritional cannabis
Hemp reduces pollution and helps mantaining a good health. Houses, fabrics, cars, superfoods, and much more. This crops' value is still way undervalued and these companies chose to tell the truth.  

Can Brand It works
We offer brands and companies a solid communication strategy,
proper contents and informations, effective campaigns execution. 

Cannabis science and technology
Seed banks, grow equipment, extraction, processing and packaging, lab services, delivering platforms and devices. Everything that makes it possibile. Pillars of cannabis industry or small local companies might find our services useful.  

Publishing and media
Providing truthful, effective and complete informations to media and press agencies is critical for cannabis legitimation and integration into markets and lifestyles,
That's our job, too.